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Still Blazing EP (2014)

After the release of Deliman’s Debut-Album „Unconquerable“ in 2011 and a few single-releases with international producers, he’s now back with his brandnew EP called „Still Blazing“. It was produced by the young Hiphop Producer, Beatmaker & DJ „Phil Chronics“ in collaboration with „Chiko“ (Badrass Sound), the Reggae Backing-Band „Fireman Crew“ and
„Union World Music“. It contains five mindblowing tracks that perfectly combine Reggae & Hiphop music and shows that this music doesn’t necessarily have to be from Kingston or New York to sound great. Reknown oldschool Reggae samples mixed with bouncing Hiphop Beats and lyrics full of flow and a conscious message is what defines Deliman’s EP „Still Blazing“.Deliman delivers a thoroughly solid EP, which after having heard all 5 tracks leaves you longing for more.-reggae-vibes.comPositioning himself as one of Austria’s best and most ambitious Reggae artists, Deliman’s latest EP Still Blazing captures the essence of authentic Reggae persona while hinting at Hip Hop productions.-jamaicansmusic.comThe title track ‘Still Blazing’ is especially catchy, but with the four other songs Deliman also proves he is a talent to keep an eye out for!



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